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Quest is a come as you are, from where you are church

We used to be a traditional church filled with churchy people. This made us a comfortable place for people who were already attending our church, but it made it really difficult for our guest. We wanted to be a safe place for people who had never been to church or hadn't been in a long time. When we set out on this journey to be the kind of church we had always dreamed about, we ran into people who said they wouldn't feel comfortable coming because they didn't have good enough "church clothes".

We jumped on the opportunity to start wearing casual clothes to church. After we made this change the objection became that some people were afraid that their life wasn't good enough. So, our come as you are, from where you are became about so much more than the clothes people wear to church. We believe that Jesus came to make us good enough. We also believe that no one should be made to feel as though they are too far gone.

We've worked really hard at creating a safe environment. This makes some churchy people really uncomfortable with us, and some of them worry about us. We've decided that loving the people, Jesus died to save and refusing to allow our prejudices and opinions get in the way of that, is worth the risk. We hope that you'll join us in becoming a church you can be proud of.

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Sunday Mornings 10:30 am Wednesday Nights 7:00 We have programs for all ages, and all of our workers have been background checked.

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